Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cafe 639 - The Great Muesli Hunt III

Maybe it was the gorgeous autumn morning. Maybe it was the fact that I was strolling hand in hand with the boy down beautiful Rathdowne Street. Maybe it was the sleep-in. Or that it had rained the previous evening. Or the sun shining on my face. But despite the (minor) fact that it was more likely than not store-bought, I found myself really enjoying the wonderful muesli at Cafe 639 this morning. The lovely toasted concoction was liberally mixed with coconut shavings, raisins (which I don't actually really like generally, but I quite like in muesli and the occasional hot cross bun), seeds, almonds and dried paw-paw. I also particularly liked that it was served with a little jug of milk, plus tiny tubs of yoghurt and honey, on the side. I like that they don't presume I want the yoghurt on the muesli (because I don't, I like to eat it on the side, and that's my thing). Spoonfuls of yoghurt and honey, muesli and sips of a wonderfully hot latte, there's absolutely no better way to start the day.

Cafe 639
639 Rathdowne Street
North Carlton


Lucy said...

Sounds great - oddly enough, you're not alone when it comes to yoghurt on the side. Me too!

thanh7580 said...

You're definitely on a museli pilgrimage. I've never eaten museli at a restaurant. I always just eat the stuff from the supermarket. I can't justify paying for something like that when they usually just give you supermarket stuff anyway. How does a restaurant go about making their own museli? Do they just mix various brans, oats etc with their own mixtures of dried fruits?

Mel. said...

Lucy - glad to know I'm not the only one!

Thanh - Hmmm I suppose they do mix various brans, oats, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. You can definitely taste the freshness in homemade stuff, esp. since it's often so much crunchier (as they make it more recently). I'm starting to feel a bit disillusioned with muesli at restaurants, since most of it tends to be supermarket stuff! From now on, I'm only eating stuff that's specifically marked "home-made".